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The medical center
«Mobile Medicine»
Our Mission —

Our goal is to provide you with professional services. We guantee the best prices along with quality medical services.

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Mobile Medicine offers career opportunities for medical doctors with current certifications in the following medical areas:

  • ophthalmologist;
  • surgeon;
  • neurologist;
  • general practitioner;
  • psychiatrist;
  • Charge nurse.

About "Mobile Medicine":

The medical center has been operating and offering its medical services Rostov-on-Don since 2009. The primary business focus is to provide early screening and provide preventive care. Counseling services are available for diabetes, weight loss, nutrition, high blood, coronary heart disease.

Rehabilatory services: Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy.

Mobile Medicine's core business is: corporate medical examinations, pre-employment screenings and required employment annual screenings.

A physician evaluates and analyzes all pre-existing conditions. A complete history and physical is performed. Along,with individual health certificates. All services can be provided on an ambulatory basis, using our mobile medical trucks. Complete laboratory services, ultrasound, ECG, Chest X-rays.

The medical center "Mobile Medicine" Provides following services for you:

  • — quarterly/semi-annual medical examinations;
  • — pre-employment medical examinations;
  • — complete medical examinations meeting government requirements. Health Certificates issued upon completion of individual examinations.

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In Accordance with work requirements, Government health certificates provided in most diverse business environments.

Please be aware, that the health certificate is as important as your personal id. Any misuse or falsification will be punished by law   primarily on the executive level.

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The medical center "Mobile Medicine" assures you the process of medical examinations and the maintenance of the health certificate of your employees — in the industrial area, catering/food, medical area etc.

Important note for Non-Russian business leaders

In the Russian Federation business leaders are obligated by law to check their employees health with medical examinations on a regularly base.

There are three parts of medical examinations:

  1. pre-proceeded medical examinations: medical examinations that have to be done before a new hire gets started into your company;
  2. regular medical examinations: medical examinations that have to be proceeded quarterly or semi-annual – depending on local laws;
  3. medical examinations concerning the individual health certificate of your employees.

What is my benefit if I work with Mobile Medicine?

Staffed with four long haul trucks, plus 56 medical doctors on-call, We maintain and personally handle over 500 corporate contracts per year.

Mobile Medicine is the market leader in Southern Russia for corporate medical services. We offer you the best service for your company. Our process is a seamless procedure for any medical request that you may have. We have experienced medical doctors in the Major Industrial sectors as needed.

We provide professional and complete in order to fulfill your health requirements as required by law. We kindly would like to invite you for an intital meeting. In order to understand your needs and governmental requirements. Meetings can be conducted onsite if necessary. Ms.Walentina Rustko can moderate this meeting in English, if you prefer.